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The St. Louis Treasury Management Association welcomes your interest. Listed below are the qualifications for membership:

  1. Regular membership is restricted to practitioners responsible for treasury management activities and is the only membership category having voting rights within the Association. The definition of Regular membership will include practitioners involved in treasury management at financial institutions. No more than four individuals from each corporation will hold Regular membership in the Association at one time.
  2. Associate membership will be restricted to individuals from corporations applying for membership in the Association that meet all the membership requirements outlined above in paragraph (A), but already have four memberships within the Association. Associate members do not have voting rights and cannot serve as officers, but can serve on committees.
  3. Regular members are required by bylaws to attend 4 meetings per calendar year in order to retain Regular member status in the Association. Anyone not meeting this requirement will have their membership status changed to Associate.
  4. You must attend at least two meetings as a guest within a twelve consecutive month period prior to submitting an application for membership consideration.
  5. Membership in the Association is extended to the individual and not to the organization they represent. Thus, any new or replacement representatives from an organization must follow the same membership qualification process as any other prospective member of the Association, including sending out a membership application ballot. Members transferring to a new employer must submit an updated membership application to the Membership Committee and will be subject to the usual membership requirements, except that a ballot will not be necessary.

Have you met the requirements?  If so, click here to apply.

If you haven't attended two meetings, we look forward to you registering online to attend as a guest.  After attending two meetings, we look forward to receiving your application for membership.  

If you have any questions regarding membership eligibility, please contact one of the Association officers. 

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